Packaged bruschetta

Crispy and tasty, like the ones at home

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Intrapan bruschetta is a mouthwatering and convenient proposition for a quick meal.

The ingredients are carefully selected and the processing is artisanal, with special emphasis on the bread, resulting from a collaboration with a local bakery: an irregularly shaped ciabatta that is made with high-hydration dough and free-rising, choices that are noticeable in the bread’s air bubbles.

On tasting, the main characteristic of the bruschetta is the crunchiness, which is rekindled after heating the product for a few minutes, when the cheese melts and looks as if it has just been baked. The base of all bruschetta is always tomato and mozzarella, and the flavours offered are classic traditional ones, such as capricciosa, ham and mushroom, and vegetables. There is no shortage of fancier offerings, such as the porchetta, peppers and Gran Moravia flavour, which declares a passion for local products.

Delicious and quick

Good things usually need time, in this case we took care of the processing and it only takes a few minutes to reheat the bruschetta and eat it as if it were freshly made. We recommend to reheat in the oven at 200 C° for 7 minutes or in a frying pan for faster cooking.

High-hydration bread

The crunchy character of Intrapan bruschetta comes from the choice of high-hydration, free-rising bread: an irregularly shaped ciabatta that shows the typical air bubbles of good, careful leavening. The bread used is the result of a solid partnership with a local bakery.