Intrapan today

We are a leading snack and ready-meal company that has made quality its mission.

Our story begins as a small artisan business, driven by founder Ennio Mandarini‘s passion for the Italian culinary tradition. We still carry on that spirit today, making our products with carefully selected ingredients and the care of dedicated workers.
Today, leading the company are Greta and Nicola Mandarini, who proudly represent the second generation of this family business.

The Intrapan consumer is a dynamic person requiring quick solutions but not wanting to give up taste. That’s why our sandwiches and tramezzino sandwiches, while maintaining the authenticity of handmade, are ideal for a quick but fulfilling break.

Looking ahead, our goal is to expand distribution in Italy, entering all channels extensively: mass retailing, Ho.Re.Ca., Vending. At the same time, we want to explore new possibilities by developing new product lines dedicated to customers who are increasingly focused on a healthy lifestyle.

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Mission e vision

Our mission at Intrapan is to create packaged snacks that not only taste good, but are capable of delivering a memorable taste experience with every bite. We want the break from the daily routine, where you savour our products, to remain etched in your mind and turn into a special moment to remember.

How? Investing a lot in research and innovation in packaging and ingredients. But what really makes the difference is the craftsmanship we use to make our tramezzino sandwiches and sandwiches, creating balanced flavours that captivate the palate.


We feel like one big family where everyone matters and shares the mission. Just like in old-fashioned families.

The reliability

You can trust us and our products. We are recognized as a solid and reliable brand.

The taste

When you taste our products, you can feel all the care we put into choosing the ingredients. Just real goodness.

The truth

We listen to customers and agents with open minds, and we are not afraid to change to improve. We are authentic.