The Vicentino, the triangular-shaped tramezzino sandwich

140 grams of goodness: the Vicentino is the distinctive triangle-shaped tramezzino sandwich created by Intrapan.

Its main features are the use of only soft white bread without crust and the balance of filling ingredients. The fillings are all handmade, choosing only the highest quality raw materials, and each recipe is designed to balance the main ingredients with mayonnaise.

Double-size package

This choice positions Vicentino sandwiches as a true alternative to a meal, capable of satiating with gusto. The dual format also becomes an opportunity for sharing, among friends and colleagues.

The ingredients can be seen and felt

Intrapan enhances the taste of the ingredients, and the mayonnaise never overpowers the flavours. The eye also wants its share: tramezzino sandwiches are notable for their rich fillings and an artisanal look that makes each one different from the next and the product appetizing even to the eye.

Handmade filling

Hand processing is a plus that allows us to offer the highest quality filling, where the ingredients retain their character and are recognizable when tasted.