Mattoncino, the rectangular tramezzino sandwich

Intrapan Mattoncino can be recognized by their blue packaging, rectangular shape, and two ingredients.

Mattoncino is the rectangular-shaped tramezzino sandwich with double layer of filling. Its main feature is its compact size designed to best fit into vending machine spaces. With its iconic shape, Mattoncino is perfect to be enjoyed anywhere, in the office, at school, or at any other time of the day.

Two flavours, one for each layer

The Mattoncino features three layers of crustless white bread and double filling. The special feature is that there is only one ingredient in each layer, which is never mixed with each other except at the moment of tasting. This creates both a play of colours, visually, and taste, since even in the most unusual combinations it always chases the balance of flavours: from classic radicchio and porchetta or tuna and olives to the unexpected tuna sauce and speck.

Packaging is blue

The packaging stands out for its blue colour, and the size is designed to be particularly suitable for vending machine spaces.