Puntarella, the unique and originalpointy tramezzino sandwich

Puntarella is just Intrapan, with the slanted cut and hearty stuffing

An oblique cut, abundant filling and a tip are the characteristics of this product, whose shape makes it easy to bite and satisfies the sweet tooth. It comes in a spiral shape and aesthetically is very nice to look at. A popular sandwich due to the important assortment of flavours, fourteen in all, and the reference with whole wheat bread.

Sales channels
Packaged in ATM
Packaged in ATM
Suitable for single spiral drawers
Suitable for single spiral drawers

Perfect for single spiral

We have designed a compact package that is perfect for the vending world, especially for the single spiral. The entire Puntarella line is distinguished in the vending machine by a bright yellow ochre, almost orange.

Why a pointed tramezzino sandwich?

Because it makes it easy to bite and with its spiral shape it can hold plenty of filling. In the mouth, the taste is full and enjoyable, the ingredients are well spread, and with the oblique cut, the product is even more beautiful to look at. In addition, the Puntarella tramezzino sandwich is convenient to display in the window because it stands upright and shows all the colours of the filling.

A single-serving snack

A real snack to break hunger mid-morning or afternoon: this product is designed as a single-serving for a tasty and wholesome outside meal at work or school.