Rollé, the original Intrapan tramezzino sandwich with a rolled shape

Intrapan’s signature product that stands out for its shape and enjoyable flavour

Rollé is just Intrapan: an identifying and identity product that was born with the company. What makes it unique is the rolled shape that can accommodate multiple fillings to the point of making it a rich and enjoyable choice with every bite. The fillings are generous and handcrafted: ingredients are arranged by hand, and sauces such as tuna and spring onions, tuna and olives, or sapore di mare are made in-house.

The original rolled shape

The rolled shape is our hallmark. We wanted and created it to offer a different product that can satisfy the sweet tooth and offer an enveloping taste thanks to this novel shape. In the refrigerated counter, it stands out because of its nice, round, enjoyable shape that entices people to buy.

Large double pack

Rollé is not just a snack, but a real meal alternative thanks to the large format providing two products per package. Also excellent for sharing.

Hearty filling, rich flavour

A hearty filling present in every bite and doubly tasty that comes in twelve delicious references. From classic ham and mushrooms or tuna and spring onions to exclusive Sapore di Mare or speck and brie cheese. An enveloping taste experience due to the presence of filling in every corner of the bread.