"With great commitment comes great responsibility"

A philosophy that guides us every day to give back a better world to future generations

Reducing food waste

The very nature of our work involves avoiding food waste, facilitating the work of the catering industry. Thanks to the CAP, product life can be extended, allowing ready-to-use products to be stocked when needed. The packaged product cuts costs and avoids end-of-day waste.

Save the food, help the planet

In our own small way, we are helping to reduce our environmental impact. We have joined an initiative to make short-expiration products available at 1/3 off the retail price. At the end of the day, boxes of product that would otherwise be thrown away are made available.

Packaging materials research and innovation

The materials used for product packaging are partly made up of recyclable materials. We are engaged in researching new packaging technologies that will allow us to reduce the amount of plastic in the pack without compromising the controlled atmosphere yield.

Too Good To Go

Intrapan and Too Good To Go

We at Intrapan are working to combat food waste with the Too Good To Go app.
We believe that in order to preserve the environment and ensure a better future for all, concrete action is needed.
By purchasing our “Surprise Bags,” containing our unsold products, you save so many meals.

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Olmo Emporio Solidale

Intrapan and Olmo Solidarity Emporium

We at Intrapan support the Olmo Solidarity Emporium in Thiene by donating stuffed sandwiches and fresh bread for bruschetta.
A concrete act of social responsibility and anti-waste, which aims at giving hope and support to families in need.

The Olmo Solidarity Emporium is a multi-purpose centre established to help people in situations of economic hardship, joblessness and more. An important project, made possible by a network of strong partnerships rooted in the local area.

We at Intrapan are proud to be part of this network and to contribute, through the donation of food items, to the vital work they do. A small act that, in keeping with the tradition that has always guided us, aims at spreading positive values and solidarity.

Optimized packaging, lower environmental impact

At Intrapan, we strive daily to make our packaging more sustainable.
For the tramezzino sandwiches, we have optimized the transport boxes, putting 20 percent more product in each. Less packaging used, less impact on the environment.
Even for sandwiches, the green commitment is constant. We use FSC-certified cardboard and have reduced plastic by 50%.
Lastly, the new Il Panino line has only a completely clear outer wrapper, thus eliminating the cardboard.

Improving packaging is part of our mission to limit our environmental footprint. An ongoing process toward more and more environmentally sustainable choices.

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Photovoltaic system

Photovoltaic system

Thanks to the new photovoltaic system, we are able to cover almost all the energy requirements of the entire plant. The company is thus able to self-produce electricity, generating a low environmental impact.

Low-emission and heat-recovery plant

Low-emission and heat-recovery plant

With the installation of an energy-efficient thermal power plant, the system is able to use the heat generated by the power plant motors to heat the water used for the washing and sanitary system. In this way, self-produced heat is recovered, and no more fuel is used. With heat recovery, we have therefore eliminated Co2 emissions. There are also water savings for production machinery due to the closed-loop system.