Hot Sandwiches

Convenient to serve, tasty to eat

A tasty proposition for the consumer and practical for the bartender.

With Intrapan’s hot sandwiches you are guaranteed a good, wholesome taste, the result of artisanal production and handcrafting, where the recipes are very varied and all aspire to the pleasantness of a product made with selected high-quality ingredients and fresh bread. These sandwiches are an advantageous choice for the bartender or caterer looking for a convenient, quick-to-prepare, and always fresh solution.

Many flavours, zero waste

Intrapan’s hot sandwiches are a sustainable, practical and tasty answer for bartenders and caterers: so many flavours–from rustic cereal to sausage sandwich, from classic club sandwich to francesino with raw ham, from veggy to oil flatbread with cooked ham – that satisfy all palates and avoid unnecessary and costly food waste. It will be like having as many ingredients and breads as possible, and using only what you need when you need it.

Convenient and quick

The packaged product is already ready to be heated: in just a few minutes it will be possible to have an artisanal-quality sandwich that looks like it was just made by skilled, professional hands. We recommend to heat in the oven or electric oven for a few minutes until desired browning. For presentation, you can customize the sandwich with some fresh vegetables or sauces that will make it even tastier. In a short time, the bartender can serve rich and wholesome products to a large number of customers, making the service efficient.

Guaranteed long-lasting flavour

The shelf-life of the product is guaranteed for fifty days: in this way it will be possible to place orders designed for the long term, with the security of always having ready-to-use sandwiches and a product that is always soft and fresh. All this without the use of preservatives, but thanks to CAP technology, the controlled atmosphere, which allows for effective, yet still natural, preservation.