A mouthwatering vending proposal with the perfect single-coil format

Intrapan filoncino sandwiches made for the vending sector are the perfect combination of shape and content.

A distinctive and sophisticated line in bread selection, pairings and packaging. Each sandwich is made with the finest ingredients, paying great care to every detail, such as choosing a different coloured packaging for each flavour and using a hand-saving cardboard.

Perfect format for the vending sector

The product is designed to be used in vending machines and is easily inserted into the single coil. Soft packaging allows the machine’s output to be maximized. Not only good and soft, Intrapan’sfiloncino sandwiches are also recognizable by their thoughtful packaging with the choice of many pastel colours and the use of FSC®-certified cardboard and 50% less plastic. The packaging makes them stand out among the other offerings in the showcase.

A very soft bread

The shelf life is fifty days thanks to a careful study of leavening and use of flours in collaboration with trusted bakeries. The result is a very soft bread that smells of milk.

Special garnishments

There are 3 garnishments we have chosen to make the line even more fancy. Sesame seeds, poppy seeds, tomato, and oregano. Not the usual milk bread but a gourmet product that surprises with every bite.