A traditional sandwich in a colourful package.

IntrapanTartaruga sandwiches were born out of a long search for good, soft bread.

In collaboration with our baker, we have studied the best bread that would perfectly match the flavours of this product line. The bread is traditional, rustic and soft at the same time and is characterized by a milky fragrance and guaranteed softness for up to 50 days. A perfect combination for those seeking natural tastes and simple ingredients, but with a touch of flavour and hearty filling.

Recognizable and colourful

The identity of the IntrapanTartaruga sandwiches is notable for the squared bread texture and unusually coloured packaging: each taste has its own identity colour, and it will be easy to notice it in the distribution machine.

Functional and sustainable

We have opted for soft packaging, reducing the use of plastic by 50%, with a hand-saving cardboard, which is essential for enjoying the product away from home.

Even more filling

For us, taste is serious business, and for the Tartaruga sandwiches we have chosen intense flavours such as salami, ham and mushroom, tuna and spring onions, pepperoni and Edamer cheese. Generous fillings for a bread that is always consistent and dry thanks to a flour that prevents it from becoming moist.